Aloades Project for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil in Greece

A database of varieties, points of eleotourism and scientific researhes. An encyclopedia of the Greek Olive Oil.

As a country, we continue to transmit our great legacy. Olive oil, a priceless product, has always existed in our lives. With roots all over Greece, the olive groves of our grandfathers brought up our families. For us all, olive oil is a true offer of nature to people. Each tree is a special partner, through which our product is highlighted as a top nutritional element. Therefore, we commit ourselves to consistency and professionalism and with our know-how, the very strict standards we apply, as well as our long experience as guarantee, we create unique bottles of olive oil.


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Olive Oil in Greece

Varieties of Greece


Scientific Researches


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Mother Earth hosts for centuries now, our olive groves. Holy trees, resistant, bold, across this Greek land, continue the myth from the fruit to our preciously cared for olive oil.

A Product of High Nutritional Value With a History Many Centuries Old