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Who is behind Aloades

Aloades Olive Oil is a premium EVOO series, that comes from the legend of Aloades Giants in the ancient Greek mythology.

Ancient Greek land. Mountains, plains, rivers, sea, islands. Gods, demigods, Titans, Giants, make up the mosaic of its myth and truth. A coexistence calm but also dark. Gigantomachy… A landmark in the myth for the restoration of peace on the body of mother Gaea- the personification of Earth. The Giants, supernatural beings of divine origin, were born by the body of Gaea, when blood from the wound of Uranus dripped on it. The conflict with the Olympian gods was fatal. With gigantic strength and with the Aloades Otos and Ephialtes as their leaders, they moved mountains, in order to reach the holy palaces of Olympus. They raised Pelion on top of Ossa, and both of them, a mass of rocks, soil, trees and waters, a huge volume, in order to enter Zeus’s throne. The punishment of the gods was severe. A thunder ravaged them and scattered their limbs in the whole country. Their hearts were in Ossa, their limbs in Chalkidiki and the islands of the Aegean, where they swept along the holy olive tree to the Tartarus. According to the myth, the mountains Pelion, Ossa and Athos, as well as the islands Lemnos and Nisyros are Giants transformed into mountains with affection by their mother Gaea- Earth.

The very same mother Earth hosts for centuries now, in the bodies of her gigantic children, our olive groves, raised from their petrified bodies. Holy trees, resistant, bold, at the foot of Ossa and the peninsula of Chalkidiki, continue the myth from the fruit to our preciously cared for olive oil.

G.Seferis, (Mythistorema)

Our Olive Groves

Our land, sunny, fertile, hospitable, embraces centuries-old olive trees, full of life and rich fruits. Ideal climatic conditions.

Cultivation Harvest

People and olive trees work together daily with love and care, from the flower to the fruit, with respect to the natural environment.

Pressing Standardisation

Selected fruits are pressed with the use of the most up-to-date technology, technical means, strictly controlled, immediately sealing.


Extra virgin olive oil from unripe olives, of early harvest, of Chalkidiki wild olive variety, with the characteristic flavour and aroma.
500ml Dorica glass bottle

Precious blend product of Chalkidiki olive varities, of early harvest, in limited bottles of exceptional organoleptic characteristics.
500ml Dorica glass bottle

Our classic extra virgin olive oil, rich in aromas, a key ingredient in everyday meals.
500ml Dorica glass bottle

As a company, we continue to transmit our great legacy. Extra virgin olive oil, a priceless product, has always existed in our family. With roots in Pelion and Thessaly, the olive groves of our grandfathers brought up our families. For our company, extra virgin olive oil is a true offer of nature to people. Each tree is a special partner, through which our product is highlighted as a top nutritional element. Therefore, we commit ourselves to consistency and professionalism and with our know-how, the very strict standards we apply, as well as our long experience as guarantee, we create unique bottles of extra virgin olive oil.