Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE is a family company located at the Halkidiki peninsula in Northern Greece.

Our olivetrees are located in the village of NeaPotidaia, and the process facility in Nea Tenedos.

The founder is Yannis Prodromou, who cultivates olives from indigenous Halkidiki olive varieties and produces Early Harvest Extra Virgin olive oil & table olives from trees grown exclusively on his own waterfront estate.

Cultivation process:
– The cultivation process is vertically
– The fully controlled process can offer
assured traceability from the field to the
finished product.
– The cultivation of our 10.000 olive trees is
under the care of the Krinos Olive Center
– A unique high-tech agricultural system is
being applied, called “gaiasense” which
provides on-line data to the company
about all the needs of the olive trees, so
the highest quality can be achieved.

Standardization process:
– The company follow the exact rules of
European International Olive Council.
– All Yanni’s EVOOS are being filtered before
– They are stored in stainless steel tanks and in
conditions of zero oxygen and controlled
temperature (14-16 C).
– They are bottled with nitrogen gas.
– They are stored at lowtemperature.

– Maximum environmental
protection is achieved through
with natural fertilizers and
water economy through
controlled irrigation systems.
– All packaging materials are
environmentally friendly,
certified by UK association
called OPRL.

– From 2016 till today “The Standard of Excellence Health & Nutrition” Award.
– More than 50 awards from the greatest international quality competitions.
– The products were honored with the “TOP EVOOS OF THE YEAR” and the company with “TOP 100 SOCIETIES OF THE YEAR” by the “World ranking EVOOS”.


It is the only natural product of its kind in the world, which was applied
on patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment proving its health value
and benefits through clinical & laboratory trials and research.