Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The olive groves of the Christakou family are located in Krokees, in the prefecture of Laconia in the Peloponnese. Violagro is a family business engaged in the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. Our olive groves are located at an altitude of 300 meters. The varieties we use are two and are the following: Koroneiki and Smirtolia. The combination of these two varieties offers us the unique olive oil in quality, taste and aroma. In 1940 the family began the journey of olive oil production and each generation passed on their knowledge to the next. The love of the family for the olive and the olive oil played an important role in the continuous improvement and in the present perfect result.

The knowledge of olive oil production has been passed on to four generations. Each generation kept the traditional cultivation methods, constantly evolving into know-how the production of olive oil with the sole purpose of olive oil being of excellent quality. This led us today to package the pure and unique olive oil, the quality of which is highlighted through the cold pressing during the process of oiling the fruit.

Christakou family


Produced from our own olive groves, the oiling is done within a few hours at low temperatures, in order to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics in the final product.

The intense fruiting characteristics are due to the common grinding process that ensures that the olives are crushed 8 hours – at most – after harvest at 22 degrees Celsius by cold pressing.

Storage is done directly in tanks with the addition of nitrogen to maintain freshness and its elements until the expiration date. The most important difference, then, is that we have complete control of the fruit, from cultivation to standardization.

From the historical Krokees of Laconia, the combination of the fresh air from Taygetos, the sea breeze of the Laconian gulf, the rich soil and our love for the precious olive tree are combined for the production of our extra virgin olive oil. It has high polyphenols and antioxidant properties, very low acidity with rich aroma, fruity taste and green color. A drop of treasure on your table!