Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil “THESEUS” is produced by the olive trees located in Troezen (Trizina), motherland of the homonymous (with the brand name of the company) King of Ancient Greek Mythology. The fertile land of Theseus, in combination with the suitable climate of the area, is cultivated since 1922 until today with the same vigor, passion and dedication by the Katsigkras Family.


A few words about Theseus

Theseus was a dual nature creature: a human part and a divine one. His human part (from his mortal mother, Aethra), helps him to approach people and understand them easily. His father’s divine part (God Neptune) pushes him to use his supernatural skills for mankind’s benefit (benefit to people’s health).

Theseus was a great fan of Hercules. When he became an adult, Aethra showed him the rock that his mortal father Aegeus (King of Athens) had left his sword and his sandals. He lifted the rock with his strong hands, grabbed the gifts of his father and began the way to Athens and his father, Aegeus.

His Med Diet routine, including Organic EVOO from his olive groves and combined with daily tough training, provided him great physique, body shape and strength. On his way to Athens he managed to pass through many tasks and to deal successfully with villains, thieves and even wild animals, which terrorized and killed people. His greatest accomplishment was n Crete, where he beat Minotaur in his own Labyrinth.

Theseus was marked as the greatest Mythical Hero of Athens. He was endowed with power, bravery and great intelligence, which had always been put at the service of the people, fact that meant freedom for the Athenians. He was a civilization hero who rebuilt cities, made laws, instituted sacred sporting games and organized the first social system. He was always protecting his friend’s health. Heroism is, knowing how to identify and separate friends from enemies.

His fluid heritage, Theseus EVOO, is here to follow the same path and provide people globally all of his pure and unique characteristics.


Theseus Brand & Logo illustration

Everyone is wondering where Theseus Brand Logo comes from. The answer is hidden in a bronze coin, which was found in Troezen during excavations, was used in trading at between 2nd and 3rd century A.D. and in which Theseus is depicted lifting a rock. This rock is the one he lifted with his own strong hands, underneath of which he found the sword and the sandals his mortal father Aegeus (King of Athens) had left him, beginning his way to Athens and his father.