Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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staliá – σταλιά (sta’ʎa)

a Greek word, meaning a very small quantity or a little drop.
It comes from the Greek verb “ενσταλάζω” (to infuse, to instill), which also means to inspire, to cultivate a feeling gradually and systematically.

We create our “staliá” by carefully cultivating our land, so that we can offer you little drops of the smell and flavor of Greece.

our land

We come from Gargalianoi, a small town of Western Messenia, on the Peloponnese, in Greece.

The olive tree has a long history in our region. Research has shown that olive trees have grown and been cultivated there since 30,000 BC. Our land lies near the palace of Nestor, where archaeologists have found large vats dating back to the 15th-13th century BC, which were used to store olive oil, a “precious” and “sacred” commodity.

Our family history goes back a long way, too. For five generations now, our family has owned great expanses of land where they’ve cultivated vines, raisins, cereals, figs, and of course olive trees, which give us our olive oil.

our team

We are two young sisters who have always observed and participated in the cultivation and production of olive oil, moved by the love and interest that our grandparents and parents have inspired in us. Growing up, we decided to invest in our land, and to make a new beginning using innovative ideas. With the support of our father, we continue the family tradition by following established cultivation and olive pressing practices and introducing new, improved and certified methods in order to produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

We pay attention to every detail, personally designing every aspect of a beautiful product.

This is our STALIÁ.

our product

The olives are hand-picked the traditional way. They are cold-pressed immediately – within 12 hours of the harvest – in a perfectly controlled process, using modern methods, and in state-of-the-art conditions. That way we have a fully certified product of the highest quality.

We bottle STALIÁ, our exquisite olive oil, and offer it to you wrapped up in a beautiful package, designed by us. It’s yours to enjoy and share with your dear friends and partners.