Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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One of the biggest problem globally is the financial crisis, which affects the production of qualitative products, resulting in a market which is full of other products lacking in nutritional value and energy.

In our attempt to “reach” the excellent quality and high nutritional value, “Efthimiou Grove” presents, through an experience of 85 years or more, the products of “OREON Aitolian Land”, which are First Quality Agrinion Edible Green Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal, certified by Bio Hellas.

The love for the land and the cultivation of olive trees, the target for controlled amount of qualitative production and respect to consumer eating habits, encouraged us, father and daughter, to “resurrect” our grand-grandfathers’ estates, a land of 85 years and more, full of legends, fairytales and childhood memories of our Oil Press and Olive Mill.

Our basic principle and concern is the excellent quality of our products “OREON Aitolian Land”. Therefore, we specialize on fertilization, using natural and organic fertilizer. We take care of meticulous soil cleaning to prevent fungi development. We pay great attention to pruning for both the olive oil trees and the trees which give us the edible Agrinion green olives. We are perfectly harmonized with the requirements of organic farming, in terms of tree sprayings and watering.

We collect olives by mechanical methods and transfer them directly to the oil press for immediate production of the olive oil. The edible olives are collected one by one and repeatedly controlled for their size and quality, as many times as it is necessary to reach the desired result.

“OREON aitolian land” oil, the “Divine Olive oil”


Throughout the millennia, Greece is the country of the olive tree.
The soil and the climatic conditions encourage the growth of this divine tree.

Many producers produce oil. Some of them produce “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. The specifications for this Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the same worldwide.

We are amongst them. However, we stepped forward.

Through decades of hard work, we were careful with every single detail of the production, in order to offer you a “unique” olive oil, the “Divine Olive Oil”, as our consumers name it.

Being blessed as our estates were at an exceptional place for the growth of the olive trees, at an altitude of 360 metres above the sea level, with inclining stony ground at the slopes of Panaitolian Mountain, which waters our olive groves with its own water. We embraced our trees with love and care, as if they were our children. We paid attention to their reactions, when the weather was bad, how much water their roots needed and we should sometimes reinforce them with organic and natural products, in order to make the trees be stronger. Throughout the ongoing years, by aligning the old traditional techniques with the modern science, we produced exceptional olives for olive oil.

We carefully gather the olives, when their colour is still green at the correct maturation level. As a result, we have a decreased production of olive oil. This is not bothering us. Seeking the exceptional quality, we select olives, through our modern machinery, we clean them so as not have any leaves. We directly transport them -the same day- to the olive press, in order to produce olive oil under absolutely modern techniques and temperatures which do not exceed 26-28ο Celsius.

Which is the outcome? A unique olive oil.

Apart from the standards, which it certainly complies with, as an “’Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. A unique olive oil, in colour, texture and flavour.

A biotech miracle of nature. Where love for the product meets the nature and an olive oil is produced rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal. A small antioxidant and anti-inflammatory gift, which is precious nowadays and ready to replace any drug and heal what common ibuprofen heals. A remedy closed with care in a glass packaging.

As our consumers say: a “Divine Olive Oil”. For this reason, we selected its packaging with accuracy. A packaging which is brilliant for a “Divine” Gift.

“Kotinos”, the branch of the wild olive tree, from which a wreath was woven as the reward for the winners of “Panathenaic Games” and “Olympic Games”, as a trademark on our bottles, symbolizes precisely this, the diversity, the uniqueness of our own olive oil.

Just… Taste it!