Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Monovarietal from the recknowned “Lianolia” olive groves

We constantly, passionately, search for the certified top quality extra virgin Olive Oil that gives pleasure, longevity and wellbeing to everyone, every day!

Agios Mattheos, our village in Corfu, is reknown for its high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Here, we cultivate our trees and carefully monitor each stage from our family olive groves to your table, to give you their fresh juice, full of delicious aromas and flavor, healthy polyphenols, and valuable antioxidants.

Our everyday care for every age-long “Lianolia” variety olive tree, for each individual olive fruit we collect by hand, is inspired by our dedication and our passion.

We create each of our products with pride, harmoniously combining our land’s century-old cultivating tradition, with the technology and the most up-to-date specifications and procedures, committed to the well-being and longevity of every consumer who trusts us. And we never stop getting better, every day.

A Swiss in Corfu

Living and growing olives in Corfu, Greece, sounds exotic when you are from Switzerland, isn’t it? Different place, different culture, different people. Even the weather is different! Of course, we the Swiss, are now leading the consumption of extra virgin olive oil in Europe. This is not by coincidence. We are getting familiar with the Mediterranean diet and put it in our everyday life. We realize how important ours and those we love are for our health.

I personally had one more reason: I always had olive oil at home because I don’t just love Corfu and Greece, I am practically …married to them! And I had the chance to see with my eyes how Greek extra virgin olive oil is made, the love of those people for their trees, for its fruit and its wonderful juice.

So, when this new life adventure began for our family, to put olives and olive oil in the center of our every day and to make magical Corfu our home, it was so natural that I did not hesitate. Here I am, therefore, a Swiss in Corfu, among trees that live here together with the people for centuries. It’s a perfect experience, really worth tasting and putting it on your table.

A Corfiot from Switzerland

I’m lucky: born and raised in Corfu among the olive trees, I had, αs a child, our family’s olive groves as my playground. I learned how to take care of these wonderful trees from a very young age. I saw them reward those who love and respect them. The extra virgin olive oil from our olives was on our daily table, as it is for every Greek family. We are “kneaded” with it, for centuries.

And this is a fact that did not changed, even when life brought me to Switzerland, that welcomed me as an equal, and became my second homeland. I loved this country so much, and its people, even more. So, as you do with those you respect, I wanted them to know how important, tasty and healthy the extra virgin olive oil of Corfu is for them.But the olive tree in me, earged me back to Corfu. When your DNA is calling, you can not ignore it for long. A new life cycle began for me and my wife, Sandra, who in turn found a second homeland. Every day is more valueable if you wake up in nature, talk to your olive trees and make something as unique as our extra virgin olive oil. This is our gift to every family, all over the world.


“Elia”, the guard of the olive groves

A distinguished Olithea Τeam member, “Elia” (the Greek word for “Olive”) has an active role in the cultivation and production of our extra virgin olive oil. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing’s left without comment by this half-blooded female Labrador who enjoys everyday life in the olive grove, happy that she escaped living in the streets where she was found.


Corfu island, our family and the olive tree

Since ancient times, the island of Phaeacians, Corfu, is a bridge of cultures, people and tastes. A place known for its beauty, its values and its civilization.

“Lianolia”, the “source” of our extra virgin olive oil

Οur variety, the famous “Lianolia”, the starting point of everything. Lianolia chose to live and bare fruits only here. Native to Corfu, is a variety with dinstinct characteristics, setting it apart from any other Greek or foreign variety.

Like all the inhabitants of our island, Lianolia is not easygoing. Nor onvenient. You have to gain its trust. Then, and only then, it will unfold all its tasteful and aromatic qualities. Only then it will provide you with delicious natural juice from its fruits, so rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. And then, you know that it worth every effort, every care.

Happy trees mean extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality

Each of our trees is a small, self-sufficient system that produces life. If you really give your attention as it should, you’ll almost hear it frightening your needs and dreams.

Each has a story to tell, a truly old story. ll the trees in our family olive grove are planted with love by the hand of people who knew and, most of all, were emotional connected with their land. Ever since, every generation learns from the previous one, just how to keep the trees “well-fed” and happy.

And the modern standards of organic farming impose the good health of every tree and guarantee the top quality of every fruit.

We pick the olives from each tree, just as mature as they need to be, to give us their very best juice. We are very careful not to injure the trees as we collect our olives and we hand-pick them, one by one. Only the best fruits will reach the olive mill as quickly as possible, to become Olithea extra virgin olive oil.


Our “liquid gold” requires real art in its production. Although it may seems as a simple procedure, it is particularly sensitive and requires full attention. From transport and washing to pressing and storing, the conditions must be kept ideal and the temperature really low. For us, the term “cold extraction” is not a claim, it is an imposed reality. Our aims are freshness and perfect quality, never quantity.


When our extra virgin olive oil calms in its inox tank under ideal conditions and effectively go through all the necessary controls certifing its low acidity and high nutritional value, its mpressively rich polyphenols, its excellent organoleptic properties, and its spiciness, bitterness and fruitiness are measured, the final production phase of bottling follows. Its unique bottle, worthy of its high quality, protects it and keeps every drop fresh, until you enjoy it at your table.



extra virgin olive oil you deserve!


Gain a longer, healthier life!

Extra Virgin olive oil, the Mediterranean diet’s dominant fat, has a wide range of therapeutic properties beneficial to your health, enhancing your wellbeing and longevity.

100% free of damaging trans fats, rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants and essential nutrients, contributes in the prevention of Cardiovascular Health, Inflammation, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Ageing and other major threats.