Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The People

From an olive grower, producing high quality oil and a specialist agronomist, for people who appreciate the real quality of olive oil.

Two friends – one MONOLOGUE

Christos Antoniou is an olive oil producer and beekeeper, as was his family going back many generations in Preveza. An agronomist, Konstantinos Aretakis, studied the Lianola variety in its microclimate and was enchanted by the olive oil’s distinctive character. Together they offer Monologue to olive oil lovers all over the world.

A genuinely unique olive oil with a rare balanced flavour and beneficial health properties. Unlike other olive oils rich in polyphenols, Monologue Olive Oil does not allow the bitterness to subdue the other flavours, but enhances them – fruity becomes spicy!

The best way to enjoy MONOLOGUE

As an introduction to a fine meal – a few drops of Monologue on freshly baked bread will gently stimulate the taste buds, preparing you for the following courses. It is also well used instead of another dressing on green leaves, boiled vegetables and asparagus. Another fine suggestion would be a few drops before serving a fillet.

Rare & Precious

Our oil is made from a very rare species of olive tree, called Lianolia. It produces a very small amount of oil, only one tenth of the weight of the fruit. It grows on remote, inaccessible slopes and its olives are harvested, transported and crushed in low temperatures with special care to keep the properties of the precious olive fruit intact.

Our land

Monologue is produced in Despotiko, Preveza, in the heart of a special terroir known for its mountains, fertile valleys and the aura of the Ionian Sea. We’re talking about virgin, isolated and inaccessible, and that’s why it’s so noteworthy.

Our trees

The “Lianolia of Preveza” special variety, also known as Prevezana, are evergreen perennial trees and perfectly suit the local climate, because needing plenty of moisture they benefit from the bountiful rainfall.

Our process

Monologue is produced in the most natural way: simply compressed by cold pressing each olive, without chemicals and solvents and without heating the fruit. Thus, all valuable nutrients, aroma and characteristic taste are preserved.


Inside MONOLOGUE you will find a truly rare, well balanced extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols.
Pure and delightful!