Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The company

Our company, “Mesogeiaki Elaiones”, is the continuation of a traditional, family-owned olive-processing company that has been operating in the Mesogeio region of Attica since 1870.

Today’s Mesogeiaki Elaiones company has developed its activities. Now, as well as producing olive oil, we make standardised extra virgin olive oil in our modern facilities. These include state of the art technology and are situated in a privately owned area of Paiania, Attica. Our company is dedicated to producing high quality Mediterranean olives, and to maintaining its high professional values over time. To do this, we use the most appropriate mechanical methods of processing which always produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest possible quality and with the best possible organoleptic characteristics.

We are proud to continue our family tradition with love, care and respect for the olive, which is both our product and our ally in our many years of experience.

Our aims

Our company aims to ensure that our olives are processed as quickly and simply as possible, and we also aim to preserve the quality and organoleptic characteristics (taste, scent, appearance etc.) of our olive oil. In our opinion, this plays a vital role in maintaining the high quality of internationally renowned Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In these days, when quality is a key element in the competitiveness of products and we ourselves have to create new and innovative products, we are able to offer our customers a high quality product with unique texture, taste and nutritional value. After all, they deserve nothing less.

Achieving our aims
To make sure we achieve our aims, we have set out some hard and fast rules for ourselves:
I. We collect all our olives by hand (using “combs”) to make sure we do not harm either the olives, or the olive trees.
Ii. All the equipment used in processing and standardisation is made of stainless steel.
Iii. Our olives are washed in water that is suitable for drinking.
Iv. All our machinery and work areas are thoroughly cleaned and all our work spaces are constantly ventilated.
V. All our olives are pressed within twelve hours of being collected and at temperatures no higher than 27 ° C, all through the pressing process. This preserves the olive oil’s physicochemical properties and its health-giving qualities.
Vi. Our olive oil is stored in closed, airtight stainless steel tanks and a layer of nitrogen is kept in place continuously to prevent oxidisation. Our oil is never treated or filtered, and it is only cleaned by means of natural sedimentation.
Vii. All our tanks are adequately ventilated. Viii. All our equipment is cleaned with food-grade cleaning products.
Ix. All our packaging materials are safe and certified.
X. We implement a ISO 22000: 2005 certified Food Safety and Management System (including HACCP).



Our business is active in an area where many believe there are no crops. It is located very close to Athens, the capital city of Greece, where, according to mythology, Goddess Athena, planted the first olive tree. We cultivate a variety that is not found in any other region of Greece except in our region, according to the national catalog of varieties. This variety is called “Klonara”. The advantage we have is that we produce olive oil in our own modern oil mill and we can use methods which we have perfected through constant tests over the years. The olive trees are dry (not watered). For the collection of the olives the traditional method is followed (hands and special combs) and while the crop is still green (in October). Furthermore, the morphology of the ground and the microclimate of our region play a very important role in the quality of the EVOO we produce.



Our olive groves are located in eastern Attica, central Greece. The climate of the area is dry with a lot of sunshine and several hours of cold, which is necessary for its fruition. It is located 7 – 8 km from the sea and there are continuous hills with altitudes of 200 – 350 m.

The family olive groves consist of approximately 1800 productive olive trees. Over the last four years 500 more olive trees have been planted, which will start being productive this year. The main variety of our olive groves is “Klonara” and of course “Koroneiki” and secondary varieties are the “Maronias” and “Manaki”. Three people work permanently for our company, but during the harvesting period which lasts for about two months (October – November), three more people are employed on a temporary basis. Therefore during the harvesting season, in addition to the three permanent employees the olive press employs three more extras.

The recipe we have been following all these years is firmly specific. Unripe fruit which is collected by hand and is taken to the oil extract within few hours. In the olive mill the olives are washed with clean water, the kneading takes about 50 minutes, at 26 ° – 27° C. This is the temperature which the water of the decanter and the separators is kept in. The Storage of the EVOO is in clean rooms with temperatures up to 18 ° C, in inox tanks, with nitrogen filling. The methods described above are applied by a lot of producers. What I believe makes the difference in our case is the place where both ours and our suppliers’ olive groves are located, groves which  we thoroughly  visit every year before harvest.

We continue and have developed the legacy of a traditional company which has been in the EVOO production for five generations. We entered the EVOO packaging field in 2007.

In addition to the awards of our own EVOOs, we are also proud of a number of awarded EVOOs, which we have provided our customers with and have packed under our costumers’ individual labels.