Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The ancient Greeks held a prominent place in their culture for their sacred tree, the olive tree. From the “Kallistefanos Elaia” (meaning the olive tree perfect enough to cut the Olympians’ wreaths from) – ​​planted by the legendary Hercules himself – they used to cut branches with a gold scythe to form wreaths, as a high honor to the Olympians. The glorious ceremony of their coronation took place in sacred temples and luxurious stadia made of white Pentelic marble…: it is the symbolic moment of the spiritual union between mortals and gods. This is the story that inspired “Kallistefi” as our company name, the golden olive wreath as the logo, and the marble facade of our bottle: all together, they form a humble tribute to our ancestors’ cultural heritage, as they were the ones to first record in medicine archives the benefits offered by the consumption of olive oil.


The mythical Hercules was the hero of Greek mythology who, holding a bat of wild olive wood for a weapon, concluded his famous twelve feats. The “Orphics” called him “Dragon Elikto”. This characterization was attributed to his superhuman strength, but also to his versatility and the characteristic way he moved on the battlefield, elements that ultimately brought him victory, every time..!

We shall always try to demonstrate the same virtues as a company, in our battle to find some of the highest quality, most delicious and aromatic, pure Greek extra virgin olive oils every time. Of these, we will always choose only the best to offer to all of you, our eclectic consumers everywhere on earth. In our battle, victory is marked only by your own gastronomic pleasure.

In this small part of the planet, the Hellenic sun generously continues to give light and life to the olive groves that are found all over Greece. These two, the sun and the soil of Greece, are probably the most characteristic elements that contribute to the production of unique extra virgin olive oils with incomparable taste and aroma over time, along with the people’s love for their land. Love that becomes a toil. A labor of agony. Agony that becomes hope. Hope that bears fruit and becomes joy and blessing. And everything is transformed into extra virgin olive oil, which, once you taste it, becomes a love for mother nature. And consumer satisfaction becomes a force for the producer to continue to love and thrive on his land, thus creating a perpetual cycle.

These are the ingredients from which Elikto is made. From arable crops at various altitudes in southern and central Greece, we chose two superb extra virgin olive oils, each one with its own unique aroma and taste profile. After numerous tests and professional organoleptic evaluations, always aiming for harmony, this perfect blend emerged. The proportions are such that the two extra virgin olive oils do not overlap. They complement each other by expanding the aroma and flavor palette. The final result is defined by its rich bouquet of aromas that easily satisfies even the most demanding olive oil taster. As for the flavors, its bitter and spicy intensities are harmoniously balanced, so as to excite the experts while being just as pleasantly enjoyable for the less initiated…

Elikto is the result of cold pressing, exclusively by mechanical means, from manually harvested green unripe fruits. The scent of the experts shows fragrances of freshly cut olives and wild herbs. The aroma is intense and fruity and the flavor is rich. The bitter elements of its taste are characterized by a degree of harmony with the spicy, but in any case they are strong enough to make the difference every time, in any gastronomic challenge. Thanks to these elements, the high concentration of phenols, which in turn are solely responsible for the positive impact of olive oil on human health, can be easily understood.