Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our family has been systematically cultivating the traditional olive grove of 120 acres in the prefecture of Corinth since the beginning of the 18th century. In the historic village of the municipality of Soligeia, Sofiko.
At an altitude of 410 meters, where the aromas of pristine nature from the native herbs and shrubs embrace our trees. Our age-old olives reward us every year with their fruit. Commitment of the family tradition is the strictly biological practices, with respect to nature in order to ensure the highest quality characteristics and the maximum purity of the olive oil.


The Manaki variety is the protagonist in our olive grove. Exclusively consisting of it and with a vision from us in order to highlight its excellent organoleptic advantages.
Intensely fruity and medium intensities in bitter and spicy.


The most beautiful moment of the year for us.
The early harvest, the undivided attention of the olive fruit during transport and the immediate oiling by the method of cold pressing results in the production of an excellent organoleptic olive oil.

What connects us to our age-old family olive grove?
What makes us insist on conserving and searching to produce olive oil from there?
The beauty that springs from this earth, the soil, the stones, is the devotion, the dedication, the soul power of the people who gave everything for us to have.
In every grafted tree, in every stone stacked on a terrace, there are stories imprinted, wrinkles, sweat and thoughts.
Behind all this, in our own family
Responsible are grandfather George and his brother uncle Antonis.
They are the creation and We are the evolution.
They and We are ias Olive Oil.