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The company was founded in 1970. It started as an olive mill and sold olive oil by bulk.

In 1983 a small sector was created to package olive oil for the local market.

In 1991 as the market increased, the company expanded and upgraded its facility and machinery to meet the domance of a growing market.

As the company expanded beyond the local market, clientele began to include national Supermarkets chains.

In 1998 the company underwent a complete renovation and modernization of all equipment management.

In 1999 the clientele began to include international customers.

Today the company is strictly run according to the EC regulations regarding food products. Quality control is regularly enforced by state of the art machinery.

  • Indoor storage capacity in stainless steel tanks is 800000 lts.
  • Production capacity is 3000 lts per hour.
  • The company meets the HACCP requirements.

We export to U.S.A., Australia, China, Canada, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa Yugoslavia and Skopja.


HERMIONIDA is a penninsula located on the eastern coast of the Peleponnese. Its capitol is KRANIDI.
KRANIDI is recognised by the EU as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).
KRANIDI has been producing olive oil for thousands of years.
Olive fossils have been found in the cave of Frachti dating 5000 BC
Pausanias, the great historian and geographer, mentions in his book Pausanias` voyage in 200AD that olive trade was the main source of income for KRANIDI.
KRANIDI has some of the oldest olive trees in Greece.


100% Authentic Greek extra virgin olive oil.
Manaki/koroneiki varieties.
Cold pressing

100% organic Greek extra virgin olive oil.
Manaki/koroneiki varieties.
Cold pressing.


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