Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our Story

ἔ.thoς of Crete was founded upon the heritage of our ancestors, vigorous passion for the Cretan land and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our grandfathers have generously gifted us their wisdom, granting us access to the most magnificent treasures of the Cretan nature.

Through six generations of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cretan Herbs and Cretan Honey producers, we have acquired invaluable knowledge and formed an everlasting bond with our tradition.

Our vision is straightforward; to share with everyone these treasures, these gifts, that have been a part of the Cretan lifestyle throughout the eons and the source of the world renowned Cretan people’s strong health and longevity.


Our Land

Ethos’ lands are the same lands where the ancient people of Gortyna, one of the earliest Cretan towns, cultivated the first European olive trees and extracted the first olive oil, thousands of years ago.

Just beneath the breath-taking Asterousia mountains, in the Messara valley, between 230 and 310 meters altitude, our olive trees breathe the fresh air coming from the Mediterranean sea. On the same mountains, our bees enjoy the unique and vitalizing Cretan mountain herbs and produce the acclaimed Cretan Honey.

Our Products

Our superior and outstanding products are the outcome of our ancient, Cretan heritage, six generations of family tradition and added sophistication through contemporary techniques and technology. Purity, exquisite quality, sustainability, have been the trademark words of all our family efforts.

At ἔ.thoς of Crete, we are proud to have accomplished to capture in our products the ancestral quintessence of the Cretan land and lifestyle. Cherish the true condensate of authentic Crete.

ἔ.thoς is a Greek word meaning a habit, reflecting our everlasting aspiration to connect with our past, revive the bonds with our tradition and honor the legacy inherited from our ancestors.
Cherish the true condensate of authentic Crete.