Blackbird Olive Oil

Our Story

3-generations of excellent olive oil

Blackbird olive oil encloses a 3-generation experience and adeptness, know-how that is renewed continuously and of course love but also respect for the Greek island of Lesvos and its goods. This passionate devotion leads to the making of precious, honest, pure, impeccable olive oil. And carrying those features, it proudly sits on your everyday table.

Delicate, fine-balanced, aromatic, golden, and at the same time unsurpassable healthy. Blackbird olive oil is as superior as the land itself that bore it. A pure Lesvian olive oil of low acidity, but of high nutritional value and taste; it truly is an experience like no other…

Blackbird is produced in the region of Alyfanda (or Alifanda), which resides in the north-eastern part of Mytilene capital. It derives from the best practices applicable at all stages of its production. Starting from cultivation and harvesting and proceeding to storage, immediate oiling and lastly bottling, the whole process honors but also protects the olive fruit, its juices, aromas, lifespan and all its unique nutritional and antioxidant properties.

Behind the “Blackbird” label is a family-owned, vertically integrated olive oil production company; another significant aspect, that allows the owners to supervise all processes personally. The olive mill, with a tradition that dates back in 1900, belonged to the grandfather, Yiannis. The next generations inherited it and renewed it many times since, from a technological perspective. Today, the fully modernized, automated, centrifugal, third-generation olive mill being led by the grandson Yiannis combines the best varieties of olive fruit and their distinct aromas with all the required, strict specifications in three balanced products of excellence; Organic olive oil, Extra Virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil.

The Idea Inside The Bottle

“the olive tree does not grow if it’s not eaten by the blackbird first…” [Greek proverb]

That is indeed so. The blackbird plays its own part in the chemical configuration of the olive pit. It is a lonely bird that favors the greenery -like the Lesvian olive grove- and is in fact fed preferably with olive fruits. The male bird with its black glossy plumage stands out for its piercing amber beak. The blackbird, a widespread bird in Europe and beyond, posed as the inspiration for our Blackbird’s naming and logo design.

The imposing black plumage of the blackbird contrasts the gleaming light of Greece; it flirts with the silvery foliage of the olive trees and peaks at the golden beak like a clear drop of olive oil -the Aegean sun.

Blackbird Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium bio olive oil enclosed in a glass bottle that seals airtight, finished aesthetically with a milky white film. Its packaging not only pays tribute to the organically cultivated olive grove from where it derives, to its perfectly natural-balanced flavors and aromas but above all, it shields and prolongs the shelf life of the olive oil. Both from the inside and outside perspective, the Blackbird Organic Olive Oil elevates the essence of top quality Greek olive oil. You can purchase it for domestic use or gift it in a matching stylish wooden box.

Blackbird Extra Virgin Olive Oil is carefully and without interference, in its production process, cultivated and airtightly bottled. It additionally secures for easy and extended storage or transportation. You can order it in its standard bottle, or if you need a larger quantity, we take orders for custom-made capacity bottles.

Blackbird Virgin Olive Oil, which is extracted from mature olives, is the most affordable olive oil from all the above categories. It comes in ergonomically designed metal containers that preserve its content and shelf life. It is suitable both for domestic cooking as well as catering.

All Blackbird packaging choices offered, fully protect the precious olive oil from light and oxygen, high temperatures, and exogenous spoilage factors such as oxidation. They preserve the subtle aromas, the olive oil’s clarity, and also its antioxidant and nutritional traits. The ergonomic, ecological, and aesthetically modern design of the packaging gives added value to the Blackbird olive oil series, crowning it an absolutely exceptional olive oil with unmatched personality.

Quality Olive Oil

Olive Oil with a premium personality

The olive tree is a living organism. And as such, it requires meticulous care, good instincts, alertness, hard work, patience, responsible supervision, and expertise so as to not alter the characteristics of the olive fruit (organic and nutritious) neither in the crop nor during its processing.

Blackbird olive oil is renowned for its high pureness and superior quality. Those features are sealed and ensured at all stages of harvesting, transporting, storing, standardizing, and bottling which are completely harmonized with the necessary strict specifications. Centuries-long tradition is synced and enhanced by modern means. The correct timing and conditions emphasize the unalterable, intense, juicy, natural, permeating, unique personality of one of the best Greek olive oils. Here’s to your good Health and Nutrition!

The Journey of the Olive Fruit

If you are wondering what the proper path of the olive fruit is -from the branches of the olive trees to the bottle that you keep in your kitchen cabinets-, every single one of the Blackbird olive oil bottles is accompanied by the following short yet interesting story:

The olive harvest takes place at the appropriate period when the flesh of the olive fruit turns from green-yellowish to inky. The mechanical collection of the olives mimics the traditional harvest using scallops, which means that the fruit remains healthy and intact. The olives get immediately transported to our state-of-the-art, completely automated olive mill in pilar sacks, guaranteeing that the fruits are protected from light in a sufficient ventilating material. This is where the pressing takes place; the olives get cold-extracted within the same day of their collection (according to ISO 22000:2005 regulations). The olive fruits are grouped according to their variety (Adramytini, Kolovi, Ladoelia), their ripeness and condition. Proper defoliation and washing with drinking water are up next followed by the crushing of the fruit (flesh and pit) with a 1,650-speed crusher, which ensures that the final product is not bitter and that it holds all its qualitative and organoleptic characteristics. After that, the malaxation of the fruit is being achieved through cold pressing. Next, comes the extraction of the olive pitThroughout the elision process, the temperature of the olive oil is electronically monitored and remains under 25-27 degrees Celsius, therefore retaining all-natural flavors and preventing oxidation. The result is a superb aureate olive oil. It is then stored in stainless steel tanks, well protected from light and air. Lastly, the end product is bottled using inert gases (nitrogen) in dark-colored glass bottles. The standardization is ensured through chemical laboratory analyses (ISO 17025). Blackbird’s excellence (HACCP regulations, certifications, awards) is proven via organoleptic evaluation being held by a specialized committee that ensures its gratifying flavors and aromas.