Black Pearls


Everything began as an idea during our studies at the Agricultural University of Athens; a series of products from our region, Messinia, one of the most fertile pieces of land in the Mediterranean. The olive tree and the verdant olive grovesare ourmain source of inspiration. With the extra virgin olive oil, we will spread the aromas and flavors of Greek nature all over the world. Our aspiration is to treat the Kalamata olives as a jewel, because we consider them as our Black Pearls!

Our family, friends and business partners formed a team in order to find the best and highest quality materials that would embrace the selected fruits of the Messinian Land. Chemists, agriculturists, distillers, engineers, all together and each one of them dedicated their time and effort to bring outthe “Black Pearls – Premium Quality” series. A range of products that we firstly place them on our dining table.

Get familiar withthe Black Pearls and experience a unique taste!

black pearls

K Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The “K” Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from mature fruits of the “Koroneiki” variety. Our integrated management systems and methods used, which are applied to selected olive groves of the Messinian land during both the growth and the harvesting period, ensure the high quality and the exceptional organoleptic characteristics the “K” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has.

black pearls

Organoleptic characteristics of Black Pearls

The “K” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfectly balanced with a terrific and long-lasting aftertaste.The characteristic aromas of green and ripe olives of the “Koroneiki” variety andthe medium intensity of the positive attributes of fruity, bitter and peppery flavors, will keep your taste buds engaged with just a few drops.