Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our Story

AMFORA ICONS is a recently established Greek company that was started by some passionate individuals. With the extra virgin oil produced in the ancient region of East Fthiotida, a common vision inspired us: To create award-winning culinary and healthy products and to engage you in an unforgettable culinary experience with an ancient Greek character.

For the Balatsos family, the harvesting of olives is a family tradition since 1917. The AMFORA ICONS is established in 2016 by Giorgos Balatsos in order to bring to your table a secret that goes back 4 generations along with high-quality olive products that will satisfy even the most refined palate.

Who are we

We are a traditional, family-run unit specializing in the production and preparation of high-quality and nutritious value tasteful Greek products that are based in olive oil. On the basis of four-generations experience along with our ancestors’ secret and the help of technology and science through the control of production with natural methods, we have created a line of products offering the best of the Greek nature. This is because we are aware that the success in the production of a product with premium characteristics lies in the details.

Our vision

We envision the creation of authentic Greek products so as to promote globally the riches of the Greek earth, the olive culture, the ancient Greek culture regarding tastes, the Mediterranean cuisine and our ancient culinary heritage. We would like to share with you the treasure of Greek gastronomy and offer to our consumers an unexpected culinary experience with ancient Greek traits.

What is the terroir of Mount Othrys:

Terroir is a set of climatic and soil factors and special characteristics of the area (presence of water, rivers, forests, sunlight, flora and fauna, soil, altitude, variety), which determines the characteristics of agricultural products.

A few words about the production of AMFORA ICONS olive oil, one of the best olive oils in the world:

Large products such as the best wines in the world or large olive oils are not solely the result of human cultivation but of nature. There are several factors that nature is entirely responsible for to bring excellence to a product. These are called external factors where man cannot intervene.

The olive groves of AMFORA ICONS are located at the foot of Mount Othris a short distance from the river and the gorge Vella at an altitude of about 500 meters.

The specific area, the soil, the microclimate, the temperature, the relative humidity and the altitude play their role in obtaining an extra virgin olive oil with organoleptic characteristics different from the rest.

The olive trees are 100 to 600 years old and are located on an arid dry and cold slope of the mountain that has not been irrigated for centuries. and to try to escape from this soil environment in order to survive, as a result of which its roots go deep, are irrigated underground from the natural sources of the mountain and collect trace elements from the subsoil.

These olive trees withstand stress conditions are low yielding olives and have concentrated sugars in their fruits. A higher yield would dramatically reduce the quality of their product.

The best time to collect olives in olive groves is late October to early November. In most of Greece, this happens in early October a month earlier, because the ripening in the olive groves is slower due to the cold climate.

One of the most important external factors is the difference between day and night temperatures: The temperature fluctuations between day and night in the area are large. On the slope the sun sets in winter at 3 noon. The orientation of the olive grove is towards the mountain resulting the olive grove to take advantage of the microclimate of the area. Thus, on cold winter nights, cold air flows down and is concentrated at low points just as water flows down the hill. On winter nights, some slopes can have up to 10 degrees lower temperature than neighboring slopes.

A very large temperature range means that the olive will produce more sugar.

Sugars are created by the photosynthesis of the plant. The higher the photosynthetic activity we have the greater the amount of sugars. In order to have a high photosynthetic activity we must have low temperatures at night so that the olive trees can sleep and rest. we have more photosynthetic activity during the day. sugars produced by the olive during the day do not breathe during the night and in this way, the plant accumulates higher concentrations.

In fact, what if you knew that some of the best olive oils in the world are produced from some of the poorest soils imaginable?

 If you plant olive trees by a river or in the sea in nutrient-rich soil, they develop what we call “lazy syndrome”. They absorb all the water to grow their leaves and although the fruits look plump, juicy and tasty, the real truth is that they are simply supersaturated with water.

Why does poor soil create some of the best olive oils in the world?

Olive trees instead of focusing on the leaves, push their roots deep into the ground in search of more nutrients and water. The rest of their energy goes directly to the fruit. In addition, because the roots fall deep, minerals can be obtained that are different from the surface soil, and because of these minerals, the olive oil produced has a taste that no other has. When planted in low quality soil, the only thing an olive tree wants to do is escape from this soil environment and that is why it spends so much energy on its precious fruits.

Thus the olive trees are basically sacrificed for the greatest good of their survival.

This deprivation forces the plant to produce ingredients that are vital to the fruit and consequently to the production of high quality olive oil.


Rigidly tested and certified by the World Olive Center for Health.

The ancient Greek Omphacium or omotrives is the natural juice from olives produced from the unripe fruit. It constitutes a green olive oil of cold pression with an extremely high content in polyphenols that offer strong antioxidant properties. The variety of Amfissa is rich in flavours offering an excellent gastronomic and priceless value and role in securing and protecting your health.