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Paiania is located 17 km east of Athens, on the edge of Mount Hymettus, at an altitude of 200 meters. It is one of the most important birthplaces, as prominent personalities of Ancient Greece came from there, the leading politician and orator Demosthenes being one of them (4th century BC).

The dry Mediterranean climate of the region sets an ideal condition for the development of olive groves and vineyards, where, from the ancient times on, the inhabitants developed by creating an area with a great tradition in the production of excellent agricultural products.

The inhabitants of the area settled here thousands of years ago and were an important support for Athens. The art of nature cultivation, but also the tradition in local government and politics are characteristics that have helped in its continuous development until today.

A visit to modern Paiania can be a fascinating experience: the “Koutouki” Stalactite Cave, the EUARCE European Art Center, the Vorre Museum of Art and even a walk on Mount Hymettus, one of the densest orchid farms in Europe.

In this place, the art of cultivating nature and soul is an extension of the Paianian spirit and this can be seen both in their recorded history and in their rare oil or intoxicating wine.


Our Story

Our family has lived in the area of Paiania for over a century. Our grandfather Konstantinos Davaris began to cultivate olive trees from a young age. In 1910 he planted the first trees of our olive grove, laying the foundations of a tradition following us to this day.

In 1945 post-war Greece, cultivating agricultural products was an important activity for the survival of the family. Grandpa taught our father Otto all the secrets and cares necessary for him to sustain the trees of the rare variety “Klonari” that he inherited.

Reaching today, the 245 olive groves, as they are typically called from the day they came into the possession of the family, are proud to manage and create this wonderful rare olive oil, as we learned from our parents.


The olive tree is an age-old tree that encapsulates time during its journey.

Olive growers know very well how to read the marks left by the human hand on the tree over time. Care and respect are the ultimate tools needed for the olive tree to live, grow and yield all its gifts.

The cultivation, growth and exploitation of olive trees requires very special handling; therefore, oil production is often seen not just as science, but also as an art.

Each variety bears its own characteristics, its own requirements, that can vary even in the tree’s microclimate. This is the reason why rare varieties are grown locally, since olive growers are called to monitor the trees’ life very closely.

In our olive grove, our family has developed all natural methods and processes. The careful handling of the trees’ health has yielded and created a wonderful surprise: golden fruits with intense color and unique vigor.


An exquisite variety of olive tree

Under the sky of Attica, on the edge of Mount Hymettus, grows one of the rarest and finest olive tree varieties, the “Klonari” variety. A small family of olive trees that has been cultivated by local growers for centuries now, almost in secret, offering wonderful golden fruits of intense deep color.

The creation of this extra virgin olive oil is done with absolute care and traditional methods that are passed down from family to family and from generation to generation.

It’s time to discover a rare olive oil that will pleasantly surprise you!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

245 is an extra virgin olive oil with rare characteristics.

Its creation is based exclusively on traditional methods and “secrets” of oiling that seal its identity and highlight a rare taste experience. Its acidity is close to 0.08%, making it as pure as water!

The variety “Klonari” of the region of Paiania is a natural creation of the growers of the region, which was made by studying and taking care of the trees’ health in natural ways only. This cultivation care, that has been provided for centuries now, has resulted in nature returning a fruit variety with very rare characteristics, intended to be tasted by those who know how to truly choose among the treasures of nature.

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