Aloades Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Two years ago, I created an online team to collect all Greek Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils into one database. I wanted to get to know each other, to exchange experiences, in order to create some kind of cooperation over time.

I have always believed that in our sector there is no competition between the producers and creators of quality olive oil.

I also wanted to present these products to the simple consumer, to the lovers of olive oil and generally to the Greek people and foreigners who are looking for quality products for their diet.

The next step is the creation of AloadesBook. A premium olive oil catalogue that includes all the premium awarded EVOOs of Greece.

It will be hosted initially in Aloades website and I hope that in the near future will be published in a printed book format.

I wish to thank all the producers and companies that are participating in the creation of this catalogue and I hope that this effort will help them all in promoting their amazing products.

The final step will be the Premium Greek Olive Oils Exhibition that will take place at Aloades Estate. This will be a permanent exhibition space. A “home” for all the quality EVOOs.

Our vision is common and that way we can spread the word worldwide. I want to create the greatest brand name of this country. The Premium Greek Olive Oil.

Dimitris Besios


27 April 2022


You can navigate and explore all the Greek Awarded EVOOs by clicking the logos below, either by searching the map: