Aloades Giants[:]



Birth of Aloades


Daughter of Triopas, at one time king of Thessaly, Ifimedia, married Aloeus, son of Poseidon and Kanakis (daughter of Aeolus) but fell madly in love with her father-in-law. Every day, she went to the sea and watered her body with her waters, the waters of the sovereign Poseidon. Who did not want much to give up. He was presented to his bride either in the form of the local river, Enipeas, or in his own. From their union, the twins Giants, Otos and Ephialtis, were born, named Aloades, after the official husband of Ifimedia.




They were strange children: Every year they grew an orgy (one meter and 829 millimeters) in height and a bar (75 centimeters in width) in width. That is why some people said that they were, in fact, children of the Earth, which Ifimedia had undertaken to raise.


Whatever it was, at nine, with nine orgies of height and nine width, they fell in love. Otos longed for Artemis and Ephialtis for Hera. To satisfy their appetites, they placed Mount Ossa on Mount Olympus and Pelion on Ossa, in order to reach the gods who found them dark: An oracle said that there was no way for the two Giants to die, unless it happened to kill each other. Already, in the battle, the Aloades managed to capture Mars and lock him in a jar. Hermes would find him, after 13 whole months.




The god Apollo captured the redemptive idea and urged his sister, Artemis, what to do. She sued Otos that she was madly in love with him and gave him an appointment in Naxos. Full of desire, he went to the appointment at a certain time but he also carried with him his twin brother, Ephialtis, who, for an unknown reason, thought that Hera would be waiting for him on the island as well. He was disappointed that he did not find her there. But Artemis was consistent. Ephialtis asked his brother to share the goddess. Otos denied it. The two brothers started arguing. Then, Artemis transformed into a deer. The two brothers grabbed their poles to chase the transformed Artemis. In the form of a deer, she went and stood among them. The brothers fired their poles at the deer. But at the same time, the deer disappeared, so the poles found the two brothers settled. They had killed each other, as the oracle predicted.


But there is another version: Thracians from Strongyli, later Zeus, finally Naxos, kidnapped the mother of the Giants, Ifimedia, and their sister, Pagratida, and took them to the island. There, they married the beautiful Pagratida to their leader, Agassamenos, whom they proclaimed king of Naxos. Aloeas sent his sons, Otos and Ephialtis, to find their mother and sister and bring them back. The Aloades Giants arrived in Naxos, defeated the Thracians, conquered the island and took power. At some point, however, they fought with each other and killed each other. Since then, the inhabitants of Naxos worshiped them as gods of the place.[:]